RHR Hala

HS Infinite x RHR Cameo

2007 Black/Gray Straight Egyptian Mare



We are thrilled to report that RHR Hala is now safely in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the loving care of her new owner, Sue Stiles.  Hala is proving to be a wonderful example to the world of *HS INFINITE's success as a producer of world class offspring that can not only win against other straight Egyptians but compete successfully in the world's biggest venues against some of the most beautiful and
successful show horses.

RHR Hala is the filly that dreams are made of! She is the ultimate in exotic Egyptian breeding. When Liz Salmon visited us in November 2007 she exclaimed over and over what a lovely filly RHR Hala was, and was amazed by her exceptional size and elegance and excellent conformation. She is of such exceptional quality that her venue will not simply be a great straight Egyptian filly, but her destiny is as
wide as the world. RHR Hala reflects clearly that HS Infinite will be a stallion that is consistent in producing his gorgeous face, extreme long neck and truly exceptional size.

HR Hala's exquisite dam, RHR Cameo, is unbelievably exotic in her face and type and her extravagant, floating movement has been complimented by the likes of Judy Forbis. RHR Cameo's filly, RHR Hala is simply the most beautiful, exotic show filly whose gigantic eyes, extreme long neck, and huge size put her literally and esthetically far above other foals.



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