GCHB Vito Dell’Ovo, CM 4

Vito was the #1 Cirneco Dell’Etna dog in 2015, 2017


Breeder- Marco and Laura Belfiore in Sicily.

Vito is our amazingly beautiful Sicilian import! At first glance, you are taken by his perfect size and magnificent deep, dark, red color. Not only does he exude exotic beauty with a typey and beautiful head with perfect, amazing ears, exotic, soulful eyes and wonderful expression, but also his body structure is extremely correct. In addition to his extensive, versatile pedigree comprised of hunting and show dogs, Son Vito (Saint Vito as we call him) has a natural show dog pose, “he can’t put a foot down wrong'”.

His lovely face sets atop an elegantly arched and well set neck with a free, scooped shoulder and balanced drive from his hindquarters. His topline is flat and has the correct gentle slope to his sloping croup. He floats around the ring like an upper level Dressage horse. His movement is clean and straight coming and going, balanced, light, ground covering and so pleasing to the eye that everyone who has seen him move has exclaimed about how lovely he and his phenomenal movement are. We are very excited to display this amazing young dog in AKC shows.


Excitement and interest is sustained in this gorgeous dog! Son Vito is so exciting to watch in the show ring.  He is just as exciting as a breeding dog!  Esteemed, world renown, hound breeder, Jerri Gates, states, “Vito is one of the most pre-potent sires I’ve ever known.  You can take a look at all of his kids from any litter and immediately see who the sire is!”

Other handlers and judges have exclaimed such sentiments as, “You don’t have to know anything about the breed to see that this is a quality dog with exceptional structure!”

His character is super sweet with all of the tolerance and kind gentleness that we love hounds for! His nickname exemplifies it all, TLP, The Love Puppy! 

Our beloved Son Vito (Saint Vito) is now not only a Grand Champion and he was also the first Group Winner in the breed.  He was #2 Cirneco in 2015…
Vito is also the sire of the first Champion and Grand Champion in the breed, the sire of the first Owner Handler Group winner!  His kids are only just getting started in their show ring careers and they are already making their mark.


His value as a sire of mentally and physically sound dogs is only just beginning.  His co-owner Janise Gray and we at Rockin’ Heart are so very proud of the magnificent dog and what he has already accomplished!