RHR Tilhuwah

A glorious granddaughter of the immortal ANSATA HALIM SHAW! This
lovely filly, who we affectionately call, Tilly, is out of our stunning Imperial Al Kamar daughter, Bint Knazeera. Her dam is of such quintessential, ethereal beauty that all who see her exclaim over her quality, not only her beautiful face, gigantic eyes but also her lovely size, conformation and radiating quality. Her pedigree is full of stellar Arabians… in every LINE!

The filly, Tilhuwah’s sire, PWA Nagib Shaw, is an extraordinarily well bred son of the legendary stallion, Ansata Halim Shaw, thought by so many to be one of the most beautiful and best producing sons of the Ansata bred horses coveted by the world’s most prestigious and successful breeding programs. Sadly, Halim Shaw was exported before he has a chance to produce many offspring here and he was sadly lost so young, but not before he made his mark on the world by producing some of the world’s most beautiful horses… His legendary beauty, size and motion were only made more expansive by his uncanny ability to reproduce it in his offspring… scarce as they are… his sons and even scarcer still daughters are all
treasured by their owners and rarely parted with.

PWA Nagib Shaw’s dam is a powerful German bred mare, with impeccable, classic breeding and especially noted for her amazing, free movement.

RHR Tilhuwah, is destined to be a fearless war mare. She shies at nothing… bold and courageous is she! She possesses the amazing, dainty beauty in the face of her dam with those large, luminous eyes, filled with all the mystery of the East! Tilly has the gentle, quiet heart of a trusting filly who wants to be in the center of your tent. Her quality is apparent at a glance and then when she trots off her movement takes your breath away with every step. Her legs are perfect, with balanced correct feet and a lovely
body and proud tail carriage befitting a princess! Who ever owns her will be in possession of a mare with an extraordinarily priceless and very significant bloodlines that are so very hard to replicate.