RHR Tala

This lovely bay filly was the first foal by our outstanding HS Infinite and out of one of RHR Safar’s daughters. RHR Tala’s birth brought about the realization that HS Infinite was going to far exceed our wildest hopes and dreams for him as a sire. She is exquisite in the face, deep dish, large eyes, lovely ears and a tiny muzzle with the most beautiful chiseled bone structure in her face, already very dry with large prominent tear bones… something you usually only see in older horses. Her beauty in her face is only the tip of the iceberg. She was also gifted with HS Infinites long, high set neck, excellent conformation and perfect legs! When Liz Salmon saw her she was immediately struck with what a calm and trusting temperament she had and then when she saw her move she declared her movement to be exceptional, lofty, free with that light moment of suspension in the front that sets her above the ordinary.

Her dam, Thee Fancy Lady, is a very refined young mare with a delicate face and lovely long fine neck and amazing movement… something RHR Safar is noted for producing in his offspring.