RHR Surra MN Raa


Fulfilling all of our greatest hopes, RHR Surra Mn Raa, while only a yearling, held her own against some of our countries most beautiful and promising straight Egyptian and World Class fillies.  In the huge classes of nearly 40 entries she proved that she has what it takes to show and succeed with the best.  RHR Surra Mn Raa was a star at the 2009 Egyptian Event by placing in the top ten in the huge of nearly 40 fillies in the 1 and 2 year old World Class Fillies, and trained by our own talented Bryony.  To top it off, she and her lovely half sister, RHR Qatr Al Nada won the prestigious Get Of Sire class for
their illustrious sire, *HS INFINITE.  RHR Surra Mn Raa and her lovely sister and their gorgeous sire were the talk of the show!

The birth of this filly was cause for great celebration. Like a princess, she choose the middle of the day with a barn full of visitors to make her arrival and she has been the center of attention ever since. She is the daughter of one of the most beautiful mares in the world, RHR Cameo. Sired by the shining star, *HS INFINITE, RHR Surra Mn Raa  possesses a world class pedigree and the phenotype to take it to the top.  Her big sister, already sold to Saudi Arabia, is destined to be a great show horse in the second annual Al Khaladia horse Festival. RHR Surra Mn Raa is destined for great things.

RHR Cameo’s indescribably beautiful face, with it’s amazing dish and deep channeling coupled with her great size is truly reflected in both of her daughters. Older sister, RHR Hala, is a huge yearling, with an
amazing neck and great length of leg. This darling filly, is a younger replica… with all the same correct conformation, breathtaking face and floating movement, and a pedigree that is truly designed to breed on.

Her size is generations deep, with tall, elegant Chelima for her grand dam and both *HS INFINITE’s and RHR Cameo’s height and elegance she will not only excel as a show horse, but also continue the legacy of
beauty from both her sire and dam, with the adorable, loving disposition that says, “come play with me.” She is the kind of filly that makes a farm’s reputation truly international.