Irekei Spring Fling at Rockin’ Heart

Spring was bred by our dear friends, the Shenefields, and their choice of Belpasso for the lovely bitch, Natalie, was obviously inspired. Spring is near perfection and we are thrilled to be able to have this little treasure. Her small size, correct conformation, excellent movement and stunning type are all we could ask for.  Her beauty is apparent and her character is precious.  She is a hard running, racing dog, passionate for the bunny but is equally fast returning to her mom.  I have rarely owned a more devoted dog, Spring is social and loves people, great to take to a ‘Meet the Breeds’ type of venue… kind and happy to receive pets and affection from all her admirers but her eyes are really only for her mom and once her social duties are done, she turns and give me the look that says, “I want only you!”
To describe her as gentle, and kind and dear, fails to even measure up to the depth of her devotion and to say that she is a gift from God is the only way to express how we feel about our darling Spring!