RHR Qatr Al Nada

RHR Qatr Al Nada has achieved spectacular results as a breeding horse at a very young age.  As only a yearling, along with her beautiful sister RHR Surra Mn Raa, she won the very prestigious Get Of Sire class at the 2009 Egyptian Event.  She then went onto place 3rd in her huge class of 36 straight Egyptian fillies and won the hearts of the judges as well as the spectators.  After arriving in her new home in
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in deep competition with some of the most beautiful horses in the Middle East she won 3 in her large class of 2 year old fillies for proud new owner Sue Stiles.

 RHR Qatr Al Nada is the heir to the same exquisite pedigree that is raising her sire to the status of a true breeding horse. The loveliness of her beautiful dam and grand dam and is excelled by Nada and she is truly possessed of their quintessential elements; a sweet, kind demeanor, gorgeous face, and size. The truly exceptional floating movement that she inherits from both her extraordinary sire and dam give great promise of her potential as a lovely riding horse.


The indefinable quality of a gentle, loving people oriented attitude will make her new owner, Sue Stiles, that once in a lifetime horse and beautiful foundation mare. From the depth of her lovely deep dish to the dainty curve of her haughty nostrils, her beauty will draw all who see her.

She is everything one could want in an Arabian show horse; great beauty, quiet trustworthy attitude, great size and length of leg, and a pedigree to breed on from. She has surely exceeded her dam and grand dam as a show horse at a very young age and will certainly be a heritage breeding mare and live up to all of the promise of her spectacular sire’s phenomenal pedigree.