RHR Qatama Lulu

Once again, Safar and Qatama Jauhara’s genetic strengths have been happily realized in this lovely filly. Qatama LuLu, (means Black Pearl in Arabic) so truly reflects the same qualities that were found in the older siblings and she is so identical to Sadeem that we are tempted to sell them as a matched pair for driving. Both fillies are lovely in type, movement and that marvelous, long fine, upright neck and sweetheart personalities. LuLu will contribute wonderfully to a show and/or breeding program. LuLu as a long yearling is nearly as tall as her older sister who is destined to reach over 15 hh easily.

Turned out to play, she loves to flag her tail and trot, trot, trot, however LuLu is really the quiet calm type who is quite trusting and willing to take on new challenges and tests. She loves people and especially loves her grooming time and is willing and calm in new situations and environments.