Rockin’ Heart’s Principessa

Another gorgeous Belpasso daughter! What can we say, Papa Belpasso is a rockin’ producer of beautiful kids. Principessa is the result of breeding beautiful Belpasso to lovely Duchess. Both her mom and dad have elegant outlines with the shortest, strongest, dead level backs. Principessa has inherited the gentle kind disposition of both of her parents; kind, soft spoken, unless they are hunting or lure coursing – then they are on fire! Both Duchess and Belpasso are extremely intelligent, both bring toys and other objects to us to trade for cookies and they not only taught them selves that fine trick but they taught us as well. They are so dear. Day in and day out they are an effortless joy to live with.

Principessa is Jael’s baby.  She has inherited the calm, gentle demeanor of her parents and is quite quick to claim the lap of anyone who is sitting down, family member or guest alike. In fact, her obvious love of people and her gentle personality often secure her as a favorite to guests of the ranch. She is faithful to the extreme and devotedly follows Jael about the farm whilst she does her chores, all the while scouting for any stray bunnies who might need catching.

She is very beautiful with a lovely head, stunning eyes like her parents and a lovely typical trot… but that is all that is typical of her, because in every other way she is the princess we all love and adore!