RHR Princess Ghazalia

This filly is a classic example of Egyptian breeding at it’s best.  RHR Princess Ghazalia is the proof that the powerful sire lines of Thee Desperado, backed by *Ansata Ibn Halima, crossed onto the  lovely Simeon Shai is going to be one of the most classically beautiful crosses of the future.  I have long wanted to do this cross and ‘Ghazalia’  is the second example of how successful and consistent it can be.  ‘Ghazalia’ is a  full sister to the typy, black yearling RHR Awel El Safar, she is the dark chestnut/flaxen version of this beautiful cross of RHR Safar onto the lovely Princess Monalia. With her extremely typy head and large, soft eyes, arresting color, and tail flagging motion, ‘Ghazalia’  demands to be noticed. She has the depth of quality to contribute to a wide variety of breeding programs and the style to show well.

RHR Princess Ghazalia is not only type personified, but she has the calmest, most trusting, and fearless disposition we have ever seen in a foal.  She is confident to a fault!  Never backing down from any new situation all of us on the ranch want to ride this wonderful filly.