RHR Nazika

This charming mare is the fulfillment of the ultimate in fantasy breeding, the cross between RHR Safar’s bloodlines and Simeon Shai bred mares. With a pedigree filled with some of the world’s most successful and winning bloodlines she will make an exceptionally lovely breeding/foundation mare. Nazika has the free elastic
movement and the ‘child’s-horse’ temperament, that these bloodlines are renowned for. She has an exceptionally beautiful, dishy face, large expressive eyes, a small refined muzzle all framed by shapely, tightly set ears. Even as a young horse she had a deep heart girth, a well set, shapely neck, a short, strong back with straight, well boned legs and the free floating movement that RHR Safar has gained international acclaim for.

She has the sweetest, most people trusting temperament, with a willing attitude, which are important attributes in making her a courageous, obedient, saddle horse as well as an outstanding broodmare and show horse.

Nazika is now under saddle, with her natural kindness and curiosity commented on constantly by her trainer, Nadine Lombardo, from Switzerland. Nazika loves to be ridden and is a mare whose desperate desire to be around people makes her a joy to work with.