RHR Mona Elnafs


This exotic filly, RHR Mona Elnafs, (Mona’s Heart’s Desire) is yet anotherexample of how *HS INFINITE loves to pass along his gene for black coupled with an extremely beautiful, typy face, huge eyes, teeny muzzle and lovely conformation.  Mona is a classic example of what amazing genetic  strength *HS INFINITE can contribute when crossed  on Simeon Shai and Thee Desperado lines.  With so many internationally
acclaimed horses so close up in her pedigree it is no wonder she is so beautiful.

With extremely free and light classical dressage movement on both sides of her pedigree she will certainly win favor in the show ring and be a blessing as a brood mare.  RHR Mona Elnafs beautiful type and outstanding movement along with her confidant and fearless disposition will contribute to her ability as a performance horse and bff, best friend forever…