RHR Infinite


Producing mostly fillies and extra, exotic blacks!

This glorious stallion is the fulfillment of the promise that when you breed a stunning world class stallion to a mare of exquisite type and fantastic pedigree you get offspring of incredible beauty. RHR Infinite is blessed to have benefited from the ethereal beauty of his dam, defined by her exquisite, deep dish, dainty, fine, muzzle and unbelievably, huge eyes. All this reflected on his gloriously, beautiful face.  As a youngster RHR Infinite’s eyes literally filled his face!

Graced with his sire’s size, fabulous, long, well set neck and huge poppy eyes on his deeply chiseled, gorgeous face, he is destined to make a great show horse and influential sire.  His grandsire, Simeon Sadik, is considered to be not only to be one of the most beautiful of blacks, but by many is considered to be one of the most beautiful straight Egyptian stallions in the world.  He comes from the famous Simeon Stud in Australia.  RHR Infinite is carrying the same blessed genetic combination as his wondrous sire by being homozygous for the color black and heterozygous for grey so he will not only produce blacks but what stunning blacks they will be!

With similar important traits in beauty and type found both in his sire and dam, RHR Infinite offers the potential of great consistency in producing those same wonderful qualities in his get. His lovely sire, *HS INFINITE, was extremely proponent for producing his lovely, long neck and huge poppy eyes.  With RHR Infinite’s lovely dam, Bint Knazeera, possessing the same huge eyes, prepotency for that exceptional trait so essential to Arabian type of large, lovely eyes is assured.

RHR Infinite’s demeanor is fearless, calm and trusting, very happy to be with people sensible and kind. These traits are quintessential in a breeding stallion. We are accustomed to kind and gentle stallions, but his character is almost the stuff of legends. His movement is extraordinary. With his free reaching shoulder and deep drive, his lightness and balance is unmistakable.  Floating like an eagle and standing like a tiger he embodies the gentle, brilliant fire that marks only the finest Arabian stallions.

His pedigree boasts some of the loveliest, rarest and most influential Egyptian lines in the world and those precious lines have tremendous value as outcross blood.  With so many lovely stallions being exported his contributions to any breeding program will be priceless.

His first foals arrived here in the summer of 2011 and they are fabulous as are all that have arrived since!  After observing RHR Infinite and his stunning fillies, (yes, he produces mostly fillies to date), renown breeder and international endurance rider, Ingeborg Hernes stated, “You have definitely cornered the market on short, wide dishy faces with huge eyes and great legs!”  We agree!

Check out his gorgeous fillies;

RHR Infinite Delight,

RHR Infinite’s Heart,

RHR Infinite Charm,

RHR Infinite’s Ruby,

RHR Infinite’s Elegance.

AND they all possess his ultimately gentle, trusting, people loving temperament.

His semen had been tested and he ships wonderfully. He gets most mares in foal with the first shipment and many of the mare’s Veterinarians and stated this his semen is some of the best they have seen.  Inquiries about this exciting your stallion are invited. Please call for a video and other information about him.