RHR Infinite’s Ruby


What is left to say about this lovely filly and her mother and 3 other black sisters.  Gorgeous, consistently fancy, floating, free movement with lovely faces, huge eyes and wonderful correct conformation and especially loving and trusting temperaments. Their grandmother, Princess Monalia was one of my most beautiful mares ever.  Princess Monalia’s deeply dished face, gigantic, Jersey calf eyes and lovely free motion were foundational for my farm.  She was the most trustworthy and fearless riding horse of my lifetime. She was so bold and trusting and simply sublime to ride and produced only one daughter that I was lucky enough eventually to buy back and RHR Princess Ghazlia has produced only daughters for me!


Ruby is the fourth filly in a row and so special, everyone who sees her is enchanted by her beauty and endearing temperament.  Then they see her move!  The extremely lovely, very rare mare line of Julyanne really shows in this stunning filly.