RHR Infinite Grace

Straight Egyptian, 2010, black filly with no white feet and only a very tiny white star.

She is a full sister to the beautiful filly, RHR Mona Elnafs.  Grace is exactly as her name describes her to be.  Her stunningmother is a chestnut flaxen mare by the beautiful moving, internationally successful RHR Safar.  Grace’s dam, RHR Princess Ghazalia is a beautiful mare, huge eyes and a lovely dishy face reminiscent of her exotic mother Princess Monalia, (by the beautiful, black, Ansata Ibn Halima son, Haziz Halim).  Grace’s tail female line goes back to Julyanne, an especially beautiful mare with amazing, graceful movement and an exotic face.

Grace is a fearless filly.  Confidant and friendly, she is a lovely mover with the typical floating, free movement that both sides of her pedigree are noted for.  She is a treasure and will certainly produce the most exotic of offspring. Unquestionably the most difficult trait to find in black Arabians are those with exotic faces and big huge eyes.  Grace being gifted with those traits reminds us of the contribution of her lovely sire and his exotic sire, Simeon Sadik.   With her depth of beauty and black color she is sure to get a lot of attention and make someone’s farm famous for her great beauty.