GCH Rockin’ Heart’s Beaten Gold, Fld CH, SC, BCAT

Dear little Goldah, darling daughter of MyHeart and Belpasso, from the “Heart Beats” litter.  She is the golden puppy, precious and oh so treasured.  Tender of Heart and so like her golden papa in so many ways.  Gentle, devoted and so very beautiful.  She is one of our rising stars and a treasure since she is so reflective of her dear sire’s phenotype and character.  Her sister, Trixie is so much more like her mother Heart in phenotype and character, (a touch more naughty and spice).  The fascination of genetics!  We love our dear little Goldah and can’t wait to get her into the show ring.
Don’t let Goldah’s movie star good looks and gentle demeanor fool you, she caught her first bunny at 4 1/2 months old and proudly raced back in from the field with it in her mouth to show me her hunting prowess!


She has transferred that hunting ability to the lure coursing field, and is quickly on her way to her first title.