Are But Not’s Frequent Flyer


FlyBoy is balance in canine form. He was sent to us by our dear friend Ann Drevland in Norway and reflects the very best of her fine  breeding.  He is a perfect size, neither too large nor too small. He  is a lovely representative of a male Cirneco dell’Etna.  Great style, straight topline and a lovely long, well arched neck with correct head planes,  pleasing eye and expression, tremendous depth of body, short back with  strong loin,  great muscling and super wide parallel rear legs and correct front legs.

Most importantly, he is a dog with tremendous passion and prey drive.  He is constantly hunting, ever vigilant for game and birds, yet  responsive and obedient to command in the field.  He excels at lure  coursing, nearly always the top winning dogs in any event.  His  passion is reflected in the full body flying style in which he runs  and some lovely racing shots show the exciting style he has when running.

Most importantly, he is Loren’s dog, faithfully by Loren’s side at all  times, his gaze never far from Loren’s face and always ready to join  in any activity especially walkies or a run in the field.