Are But Not’s Devine Duchess 

Are But Not’s Devine Duchess was a lovely girl sent to us by our dear friend Ann Drevland in Norway. She proved to be the quintessential little girl’s dog. When she was still in the litter Ann stated that when all the babies were running amok and playing that Duchess would be content to sit on her lap and watch movies with her. She was a special, extra cuddly girl from the beginning. Jael’s first show dog, she obtained her international Championship while a pup and because of her short strong back, excellent conformation and lovely movement managed to garner a couple of Best Puppy in Matches as well as Best in Show Puppy with IABCA.

She has been a strong racing competitor. In addition to her taking a couple of Best of Breeds in Lure Coursing, she has also obtained the coveted ASFA Field Championship title. Duchess could always be counted on to perform brilliantly on the racing field, that is, unless her unusually fine sense of humor and love of people caused her to veer off course only long enough to run and tell the judges a quick hello and then zoom dramatically onto the finish line. She is a character. According to Jael, she is the perfect dog, but then Jael does admit to a possibility of bias. 🙂

Referred to by her girl Jael, as “Dopey Duchess”, a term of endearment depicting her penchant for preferring to sit on a lap and get kisses than do something ambitious! She gave us two lovely litters and those puppies went on to bless their owners in the show ring, lure coursing and two of her daughters have gone on to be agility stars for our dear friend Janise Gray! One of her beautiful daughters, Valentina is the first Cirneco exported from the USA to Brazil to be the lovely foundation bitch for sweet friend Patricia Mendes Ribeiro.