RHR Dima


What a filly! Named after my dear friend in Saudi Arabia…

…she is the stuff dreams are made of for Egyptian Breeders. Her dam, Chelima has been the loveliest producer for us. Her previous foals by Thee Desperado have been exceptionally high quality, all beautiful and all extraordinary movers. Simeon Shai is one of my favorite stallions, I have had other horses with Shai in the pedigree and they have all been the kindest and most beautiful and beloved of horses.. and I had an uncanny sense that I was to breed Chelima to him. Chelima is tall, leggy with a long, fine neck..very elegant and I felt she complimented Simeon Shai’s wonderful type and they both have kind and trusting dispositions.

Immediately after being born, it was apparent that Dima was worth the wait. Not only exotically beautiful, but immediately it was evident that people were “her thing”. Trying to climb repeatedly into my lap, it was as if she knew how much I loved and wanted her. She is a doll.
Never once has she been skittish or afraid around people, always trusting and calm. Her lovely face, luminous large eyes, long beautifully set neck and excellent structure are breathtaking, then she moves.. so amazing.

Dima is in foal to the amazing Dream Manor Baalero and we are so excited to welcome this wonderful new 2011 foal into our Rockin’ Heart Ranch family!