RHR Delight

Delight’s mother, RHR Cameo is one of the loveliest mares to ever grace life.  She is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful black mares in the world.  Her pedigree is filled with some of the world’s most beautiful and beloved and successful show horses.

Cameo’s beautiful characteristics are found not only her gorgeous head with it’s deep dish, and even deeper channeling, but her elegant, long neck, good size and really exceptional movement.  All three of her previous offspring have sold overseas and big sister RHR Hala has already been shown successfully in Saudi Arabia with some of the most beautiful Arabians and toughest competition in the world.  RHR Surra Mn Raa is sold and will be leaving soon to show in the world’s most competitive arenas against some of the world’s most beautiful horses.

Delight’s sire, RHR Infinite is our son of our lovely imported stallion *HS Infinite. RHR Infinite Delight has inherited her sire and grandsire’s good size, length of neck, movement and beautiful face… large, lovely eyes full of gentle kindness and expression and excellent conformation and perfectly straight legs and balanced correct feet.

Delight herself is a stunning blend of her sire and dam.  With RHR Infinite’s short, wide face and unbelievably huge eyes and Cameo’s deep dish this filly will simply take your breath away with her beauty.  Her face is only the tip of the iceberg as her strong conformation and elegant free motion are a legacy that goes generations deep in her pedigree.  She is a large filly, both sire and dam possessing great size and her stunning presence is not only in her size, but the essence of classical quality that is only found in a tiny fraction of the most beautiful Arabians. She is the kind of filly who will draw the worlds attention to any one who owns her.