Aetnensis Avena

Thank you to our dear friend Jerri Gates for bringing us our beautiful Avena from Sicily.

She arrived from our sweet friends Magali and Bruna, who call her Avena Bella, (Avena beautiful). Her breeding is impeccable… her parents are stunning with correct breeding; show structure and tremendous hunting abilities. We are fortunate to be able to obtain a bitch this exquisite.

Her temperament is lovely, affectionate and gentle with all, loves people, smiling for every one she meets with her long well set tail never still. Her beautiful structure is only excelled by her love of the hunt and running. Her lovely, classic lines, powerful rear leg structure and strong topline are so desirable, and her face is well, just beautiful from every angle.

This is Avena, just standing naturally in the field… scanning for bunnies, or waiting for a tennis ball to be thrown so she can retrieve it for another throw.