Rockin’ Heart’s New Attitude

The fun of breeding dogs is seeing your breeding program grow, seeing the next generations of beautiful dogs being born, and dreaming and planning even more generations on down the road. Atti is one of my dreams.

Two of my most beautifully balanced, best moving dogs and top winning dogs so far; Are But Not’s Frequent Flyer and Are But Not’s Captivating Cliopatra, (both artfully bred by Ann Drevland) both multiple rare breed Best In Show dogs, both Field Champions and both the darlings of my heart were put together and Rockin’ Heart’s New Attitude, “Atti” is the result.

Not only is she a tiny beautiful girl, but also she inherited all of the combined personality of both of her endearing parents. Atti might be small, but her heart is enormous! She is so full of joy, and love of life for all she does. Her “Attitude” about lure coursing is exactly as her sire’s…. hot, passionate, and super fast! Just before her first birthday she was allowed to run as a test dog at a race and she proved she inherited all the passion for running that her parents both possess! She possesses both her sire and dam’s balanced conformation with their excellent free motion.

This zesty little girl has fiery “Attitude” in her bones and you can see her impishness in all her photos. Look for her at a racing field near you!