RHR Always

GCH CH Blackfyre Always Lovely Rockin’ Heart.

Always Lovely, she is just that.  She was the obviously beguiling star of the litter as a tiny puppy and her charm and beauty just grew as she did. She is so full of joy and always ready to fetch a ball, or to settle down for a gentle cuddle. Just like her lovely mother, What, (and reportedly What’s kindly sire), Always is always gentle with all living creatures great and small. Easy to train, she is happy to work or be still and wait as needed. She never needs scolding as it’s in her nature to co-operate and be happy. When she was about one year old, Sheila Retherford wanted a lovely dog to show and enjoy, so happily we were able to work out an agreeable co-ownership where she would train and show Always.  Sheila is a wonderful trainer and exhibitor and gives her dogs every opportunity to shine in areas that brings them all fjoy. Together Sheila and I are trying to decide when to interrupt her busy showing and performance career to let Always have a litter of little “Maybes?”

Here is a little bit of insight from Sheila about her beautiful Always:

“Always came to me at about a year old. She was already full of good cheer and very social with people, dogs, and cats. She also had a gorgeous profile and automatically walked into a perfect stack for showing every time. Always acquired her conformation Championship easily with 4 majors, including one Best of Breed over multiple Champions. We went on to get her Grand Championship by age 3 1/2 years in only 8 shows.

Always steady temperament means that she is my, “go to” dog when I bring in foster Malinois due to her willingness to interact and play with new “friends”. She can be tough as needed.  We have started Agility and she is fast, keen and confident on all the obstacles and surfaces.  Always has a lot of drive and energy for work, play, but she also has an “off switch” and is more than happy to just hang out in the house and relax when needed. Always is always my bed dog and she’s good at her job of keeping my feet warm.”