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The fun of breeding dogs is seeing your breeding program grow, seeing the next generations of beautiful dogs being born, and dreaming and planning even more generations on down the road. Atti is one of my dreams.

Two of my most beautifully balanced, best moving dogs and top winning dogs so far; Are But Not's Frequent Flyer and Are But Not's Captivation Cliopatra, (both artfully bred by Ann Drevland) both multiple Best In Show dogs, both Field Champions and both the darlings of my heart were put together and Rockin' Heart's New Attitude, "Atti" is the result.




Not only is she a tiny beautiful girl, but she inherited all of the combined personality of both of her endearing parents. Atti might be small, but her heart is enormous! She is so full of joy, and love of life for all she does. Her "Attitude" about lure coursing is exactly as her sire's.... hot, passionate, and super fast! Just before her first birthday she was allowed to run as a test dog at a race and she proved she inherited all the passion for running that her parents both possess! She possesses both her sire and dam's balanced conformation with their excellent free motion. She loves to show and will doubtlessly be as much fun to show as she is fun to do anything with.

This zesty little girl has fiery "Attitude" in her bones and you can see her impishness in all her photos. Look for her at a racing field and show ring near you!





RHR Poniente

RHR Poniente, this lovely girl is our own homebred out of our lovely  Best in Show, AreButNot's Captivating Cliopatra who was imported from  our wonderful friend Ann Dreland and sired by Jerri Gates spectacular  import and Multiple Best in Show, Pippo.

No wonder that Poni, as we call her, is bred to be not only beautiful  but to excel in classic Cirenco type and elegance but also to win!   She her self is not only an International Champion but following in  her illustrious sire and dams paw prints a Multiple Best in Show  herself.  Her modest size, beautiful outline and excellent movement   that takes your breath away with every step are a testament to the  quality of her breeding.  Her character is excellent, she is so kind  and nurturing that she was not only an excellent mother to her own  puppies but also has attempted to nurse and mother other mother's  litters as well.

To say that we love her is to completely understate our obsession with  this beautiful girl. Her future is limitless and we are eager to show  her to the world via our new possibilities with AKC!  Look for her in  a show ring near you!


Captivating Cliopatra

Are But Not's Captivating Cliopatra! Artfully bred by Ann Drevland. Waited on hand and foot by her slave, Nancy Lee Wight.

Who knew that the acquisition of this gentle girl would change our lives forever in a short eight years?! Her entry into our lives was unexpected, gentle and slow. We never knew what hit us! She is the Quintessential Queen, the Grand Dam of all Cirnechi! Assuming correctly that we all would adore her, she has been the finest ambassador for the breed possible. Clio has never met a stranger nor anyone she did not love.

One of the first Cirnechi bitches seen at the shows in the Pacific Northwest, the constant comment heard from the judges was, "How did you get such a high quality dog in such a rare breed?" We all knew she was special. To have it validated by all of the judges who adjudicated over her and awarded her so many wins and Best in Shows wins not only added credibility to her fine pedigree and conformation, but was truly captivating, as her name implies. Her love of her family and friends is legendary. Her solid structure was apparent whenever she stacked or gaited.Her radiance is resplendent walking this girl about the ring; her free shoulder, excellent reach and drive propel her around the ring in the style of the greatest of show dogs... she knows she is a winner! She would display herself with such aplomb around the ring, then set herself up with such panache; she captivated judges and spectators alike into noticing her...and they did!!

As if her show wins were not enough, Clio was a working girl. In breaks between her show career, and with time off for a couple of litters, she managed to garner a Field Championship too! All done with her usual regal self assurance. Dam of no less than 3 Best in Show offspring and many other offspring with International Championships Clio has done more than we could have ever asked or imagined of her. All of this with an injury to her sacral spine. Yet she yet managed to keep herself fit enough to finish her Field Championship with great passion and style.

All who come to Rockin Heart Ranch fall under her charming spell. Many threaten to steal her when they leave, she invariably is at risk of being carried off! We must now do vehicle inspections and frisk guests before they depart. :)



Devine Duchess


Are But Not's Devine Duchess was a lovely girl sent to us by our dear friend Ann Drevland in Norway. She proved to be the quintessential little girls dog. When she was still in the litter Ann stated that when all the babies were running amok and playing that Duchess would be content to sit on her lap and watch movies with her. She was a special, extra cuddly girl from the beginning. Jael's first show dog, she obtained her international Championship while a pup and because of her short strong back, excellent conformation and lovely movement managed to garner a couple of Best Puppy in Matches as well as Best in Show Puppy with IABCA.

She has been a strong racing competitor. In addition to her taking a couple of Best of Breeds in Lure Coursing, she has also obtained the coveted Field Championship title. Duchess can always be counted on to perform brilliantly on the racing field, that is, unless her unusually fine sense of humor and love of people caused her to veer off course only long enough to run and tell the judges a quick hello and then zoom dramatically onto the finish line. She is a character. According to Jael, she is the perfect dog, but then Jael does admit to a possibility of bias. :)

Referred to by her girl Jael, as "Dopey Duchess", a term of endearment depicting her penchant for preferring to sit on a lap and get kisses than do something ambitious! She gave us two lovely litters and those puppies went on to bless their owners in the show ring, lure coursing and two of her daughters have gone on to be agility stars for our dear friend Janise Gray! One of her beautiful daughters, Valentina is the first Cirneco exported from the USA to Brazil to be the lovely foundation bitch for sweet friend Patrica Mendes Ribeiro.


Dazzling Diamonds


Are But Nots Dazzling Diamonds is one of our beautiful Norwegian imports. Bringing her over with her sister, Duchess, was such a memorable time in our lives. Bryony was here working for us on the ranch and she really wanted the experience of raising a puppy. Dazzle had her wrapped around her little paw in no time. Learning to show conformation together, Bryony and Dazzle made an adorable team. Going to the Cirneco National in Texas in 2004 where Bryony showed her darling dog and Dazzle placed very well in her class was a lovely fun time. Happily, since that time, Bryony has become our beloved daughter-in-law and she and Dazzle are now busy raising Bryony's little family.

Dazzle's accomplishments include her International puppy/adult championship, and she and her sister, Duchess, are Brace champions. Dazzle has proven herself over and over again on the coursing field. She is strong runner with speed, agility and that extra something called sizzle and she has easily won several really spectacular Best of Breeds. She has also shown promise in agility and obedience. Dazzle extremely beautiful face with her soft expression and lovely type are so extraordinary and her two beautiful litters will be a lasting legacy of this very special Cirneco who changed our lives forever.

But by far, Dazzle's preferred pastime is snuggling at home with her favorite three year old little girl. She is the quintessential cirneco; successful show dog, producer of lovely puppies, fun, gentle, loyal, willing, driven and very kind.






Thank you to our dear friend Jerrilyn Gates for bringing us our beautiful Avena from Sicily. 

She arrived from our sweet friends Magali and Bruna. Magali and her friends call her Avena Bella, (Avena beautiful). Her breeding is impeccable....... her parents are stunning with correct breeding, show structure and tremendous hunting abilities. We are fortunate to be able to obtain a bitch this exquisite. 

Her temperament is lovely, affectionate and gentle with all, loves people, smiling for every one she meets with her long well set tail never still. Her beautiful structure is only excelled by her love of the hunt and running. Her lovely, classic lines, powerful rear leg structure and strong topline are so desirable. She is going to burn up the lure coursing fields, her length of leg and flowing movement and her passion to run will propel to some lovely wins. Her face is well, just beautiful from every angle. Her first litter will be with the gorgeous Vespinja's Belpasso... the puppies should excel in conformation, racing form and fabulous temperaments and with both parents having the most beautiful faces well, they will have the kind of beauty that melts your heart!

This is Avena, just standing naturally in the field... scanning for bunnies. Her structure is excellent, her movement reflects that and her face is well, simply beautiful from every angle...



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