HS Infinite

HS Infinite was the fulfillment of a dream dating back more than a decade for Rockin’ Heart Ranch owners Loren and Nancy Lee Wight and Jamin and Bryony Wight. We have always admired the breeding program of Marion Richmond at Simeon Stud in Australia where type, beauty and movement were evident throughout her breeding program. When Shirley Watts purchased the ethereally beautiful black stallion Simeon Sadik we dreamt of breeding one of our top mares to him. When RHR Safar’s lovely dam Chelima was young there was a hope of one day breeding her to Sadik, but shipping her to England was a risk that we were not willing to take. So, we began watching for a gorgeous young straight Egyptian son of his to be available. Since Halsdon Stud has not had a huge straight Egyptian program, there have not been very many top straight Egyptian sons from Simeon Sadik.

In 2004 the beautiful mare HS Infanta foaled out a lovely colt by Simeon Sadik. This colt was marked as special from the beginning. With a beautiful dishy face, excellent conformation and an especially long, thin, very high set neck, this colt was so special that after the first viewing, by our then working student Bryony, we made an immediate contract to purchase him. (Bryony has since become, first our farm manager and now she is a beloved daughter in law.) Her ‘find’ of HS Infinite has been one of the pivotal moments for Rockin’ Heart Ranch and also for many of our wonderful clients. Not only was he a long time “dream come true” for Nancy and Loren, but he was a kind and exceedingly well mannered stallion, always vying for attention from people and passing his lovely, kind temperament along with great consistency to his foals.

The qualities that we have obtained breeding RHR Safar’s daughters and sisters to HS Infinite have wildly exceeded our happiest expectations…. He was proving to be a wonderful outcross for our mares and those of our clients. With no Thee Desperado and no Minstril blood, he did provide another venue of bloodlines for the most discriminating breeders.

The physical attributes that HS Infinite shared with his offspring, include height, length of leg, an especially long, naturally fine, high set neck with lovely length of poll and an amazingly beautiful face, fine small muzzle, deep dish and those huge dark eyes, framed charmingly by his small fine ears. His strong topline and short back following his long and well laid back shoulder were accentuated by lovely long thick mane and tail on this ethereally beautiful stallion. HS Infinite’s excellent legs and correct balanced feet were so essential for a breeding stallion to possess in order to produce conformationally correct Arabians.

This amazing young stallion was now owned by HS Infinite Venture, wonderful owners who were dedicated to promoting him and making sure that he had an opportunity to be seen by astute breeders everywhere. He was shown by the talented European handler Johanna Ulstrom. Her wonderful ability to run like the wind and to show the horses in the most natural style, allowing them to move as only Arabian horses can will be a joy to see.

A Tribute to the Legend by Lisa Abraham