Corrina Shai

We want to sincerely thank our dear friend, Lisa Abraham of Zahir  Arabians, for allowing us the privilege of obtaining our beloved  Corrina Shai from her.  Corrina Shai is of course sired by one of  the world’s most beloved and accomplished stallions, Simeon Shai,  and she has a lovely mare line that is replete with such legendary  horses as *Ansata Ibn Halima and Moniet El Sharaf.

Corrina Shai blesses us daily with her abundance of high spirited,  tail straight up, nostrils flaring style.  As if that was not  enough, she also possesses the most gentle,  kind and trusting  heart.  Her grace, beauty, and amazing, strong conformation topped  with truly spectacular movement takes our breath away when ever she  floats around the field.  This same balanced movement makes her a  joy to ride, she has an effortless, smooth gait with great reach  and drive.

Her 2011 foal by RHR Safar is much anticipated.  In our experience  this cross of Simeon Shai bred daughter and granddaughters crossed  with our RHR Safar has time and again proven to be one of our most  gorgeous crosses.  Beautiful faces, well set long necks, great  upright tails, powerhouse conformation and that lovely floating  motion is what we have consistently enjoyed with this cross.