A top breeding stallion is proponent for some important qualities, such as beautiful faces, long, high set necks, strong toplines with short backs and correct, balanced conformation and excellent legs.   These are the qualities that we are delighted to report RHR Safar is passing on consistently to his get.  Not the least is a sweet, people orientated, tractable temperament, this has been Safar’s hallmark characteristic and Safar gets it from both sides of his pedigree!

RHR Stallions

RHR Safar

(Three desperado x Chelima)
1998 Black Straight Egyptian Stallion

RHR Infinite

*HS INFINITE, (By Simeon Sadik) X Bint Knazeera
2008 Grey, Straight Egyptian Stallion

RHR Mares

RHR Princess Gazalia

(RHR Safar x  Princess Monalia)

RHR Cameo

(Al Baraki x Chelima)

 Corrina Shai

(Simeon Shai+ x Fadara Halima)

RHR Dima

(Simeon Shai x Chelima)
2006 Bay Straight Egyptian Filly

RHR Infinite Grace

(*HS INFINITE X RHR Princess Ghazalia)

RHR Infinite Glory


RHR Tilhuwah

(PWA Nagib Shaw x Bint Knazeera)
2011 grey straight Egyptian Filly

RHR Young Stock

RHR Infinite Delight

(RHR Infinite x RHR Cameo)
2011 Grey Filly

RHR Infinite Heart

(RHR Infinite X RHR Cameo)
2014 Grey Mare

RHR Infinite Ruby

(RHR Infinite x RHR Princess Ghazalia)
2013 straight Egyptian bay filly

RHR Infinite Elegance

(RHR Infinite X RHR Cameo)
2015 black, straight Egyptian filly

RHR Infinite’s Diamond

RHR Infinite X RHR Princess Ghazalia

(2016 straight Egyptian filly)

RHR Infinitely Ready

(RHR Infinite X Corrina Shai)
2015 bay, straight Egyptian filly

RHR Wafi Al Safar

RHR Safar X Corrina Shai, (Simeon Shai)

2012 black, straight Egyptian colt.

RHR Mona Elnafs

*HS INFINITE x RHR Princess Ghazalia, (RHR Safar)

2009 Black Straight Egyptian Filly


RHR Infinite Charm

(RHR Infinite (by *HS Infinite) X RHR Princess Ghazalia (by RHR Safar)

2011 Black straight Egyptian Filly


RHR Qart Al Nada

HS Infinite x RHR Bint Nema

2008 Black Homozygous Egyptian Bred Filly


RHR Hala

HS Infinite x RHR Cameo

2007 Black/Gray Straight Egyptian Mare


RHR Tala

HS Infinite x Thee Fancy Lady ( RHR Safar )

2007 Bay Straight Egyptian Filly



RHR Sunset Cowboy

Thee Desperado x Chelima

(2001 Chestnut/Flaxen, Straight Egyptian Colt)

RHR Awel El Safar

(RHR Safar x Princess Monalia)

(2001 Black Straight Egyptian Colt)
Homozygous Black, DNA tested U.C. Davis

RHR Ravi

*HS INFINITE x RHR Bint Nema (RHR Safar X Nema Halim by Haziz Halim)

2009 Bay, Egyptian Sired, Colt.

SOLD to:
Charity Taylor


RHR Adeem

RHR Safar x Qatama Jauhara

2008 Black Egyptian Sired Filly

SOLD to: Lloyd and Iris Byra of 

RHR Qatama Lulu 

RHR Safar x Qatama Jauhara

2006 Homozygous Black Egyptian Sired Filly

Sold … to Amanda Glenn Hebesha of California

RHR Al Abjar

RHR Safar x Princess Monalia

2005 Black Straight Egyptian Colt

SOLD… to Mr. Amjad Al Maged


RHR Almaas

RHR Safar x Princess Monalia

2004 Black Straight Egyptian Colt

SOLD… to Dorothy Brandie of the renowned Templar Croft Arabians, Scotland


RHR Surra Mn Raa


2008 Black Straight Egyptian Filly

SOLD… to the Middle East


RHR Bint Chelima

Thee Desperado x Chelima

2002 Chestnut, White/flaxen, Straight Egyptian Fill


RHR Wafi

RHR Safar x Princess Monalia

2003 Black, Straight Egyptian

SOLD… to Dima Turki Al Sudairi of Al Adeem Arabians in Saudi Arabia