My Dream is to turn wishes in to horses!

Like many young girls, Nancy’s girlhood dream was to grow up and have a  horse breeding and showing ranch, where her full time job was to care for and breed world class show horses. Her dream was fueled by growing up on a farm where there were always horses. She learned tremendous animal management skills, but no horse orientated business skills.

When she started her horse operation there was no one around to teach her the techniques necessary to be successful in not only producing beautiful horses, but horses with international appeal, marketability and profit. She became a student of genetics  and successfully developed a line of highly successful show dogs winning at the National level.  Application of those genetic, promotional and marketing principles allowed her to develop her horse breeding program to nearly immediate success and to avoid the pitfalls that beset many new horse-breeding farms.  She also studied the programs of some of the most successful and long-lived breeding farms in the country. Soon she was breeding high-level show horses, marketing her horses and making a living at it, for horses, family and her staff.  Time and experience have enabled her to achieve her dream.

She and Loren are now committed to sharing their knowledge with others and thus enriching their clients lives and the lives of their horses with good breeding and management tools and ensuring that their  successes will allow them to run profitable horse operations, with an international orientation.

Loren and Nancy’s desire and the desire of their dedicated and like-minded staff are to share their beautiful ranch, their knowledge and their horses with other folks and help them turn their wishes into horses.

This is not a dude ranch or a riding school, it is not an entertainment. It is a for-profit horse-breeding ranch that is offering its student/guests a lifetime of experience and help. Loren and Nancy ‘s personal mission is to help as many people as possible to realize their dreams and to succeed in the horse business. Once a participant has left the ranch, they hope that they will be able to continue as friends and as mentors.